Taxi Rates

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Taxi Rates

What are the taxi fares?

A meter in the taxi calculates the cost of your ride and displays the rate. The costs of a taxi ride in the Netherlands are regulated and each taxi charges the same rates.

Primo Taxicentrale Rotterdam, The Hague, Leiden and Amsterdam tests all taximeters at least once a year to ensure accuracy. Tested taximeters are sealed to prevent tampering. The taxi fare is a combination of three separate costs:

  • Maximum starting rate
  • Maximum kilometer rate
  • Maximum time rate (per minute)

Calculate fare

How to calculate the cost of a taxi ride!

Example of a regular cab calculation:

A trip of 5 kilometers that takes 10 minutes with 3 people.

  • starting rate € 3.29
  • kilometer rate 5 x € 2.42 = € 12.10
  • time rate 10 x € 0.42 = 4.20

Total costs € 19.59.

What does a taxi ride with reservation cost?

Have you booked a taxi through our online booking system! Then you have probably noticed that our prices are lower and competitive.

It will be much cheaper if you place an order in advance. You pay a fixed price with every reservation

  • No starting rate
  • No kilometer rate
  • No time rate
  • No surprises
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Payment methods

Different payment options!

Paying the way you want is one of our core values. Primo Taxi Centrale has made the most comprehensive payment system available for you. Never again do you have to wonder how to pay. Below is a list of all payment options.

Primo Taxi Bestellen

Cash in the taxi

It is always possible to pay cash in the taxi. The driver always has change at hand. Just as you are used to.

Primo Taxi Bestellen

Pinnen in the cab

Our taxis are equipped with a Payment device. You can pay here with your debit card or wirelessly with your phone at no extra cost.

Primo Taxi Bestellen

Credit card in the taxi

It is also possible to pay with a Mastercard, Visa or American Express credit card. There are no costs involved here either.

Primo Taxi Bestellen

Apple Pay in the taxi

Do you have an iPhone and want to pay with Apple Pay. You can pay quickly, easily and securely via Apple Pay in the taxi.

Primo Taxi Bestellen


Fast, easy, free and accessible to anyone with a bank account. Pay with iDEAL as you are used to.

Primo Taxi Bestellen

Credit card online

Would you like to book a taxi online and pay with a credit card. Then you can use our online booking system.

Primo Taxi Bestellen


You can also always pay via tikkie.

Primo Taxi Bestellen


Fast, easy, free and accessible to anyone with a bank account. Pay with iDEAL as you are used to.

Primo Taxi Bestellen

Driving on account

Do you use our taxis more often and would you rather pay afterwards? Then it is possible to drive on account at Primo Taxicentrale. Always a fixed rate in advance and no surprises afterwards.


Frequently asked questions and answers

Below you can read the most frequently asked questions and answers about taxi fares.

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